We were honored to take part in Circle of Arm’s special event in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It was held this past Saturday in San Antonio & featured an array of self defense demonstrations, guest speakers & musical performances.

“We hosted this event to promote awareness, empowerment and to connect, the many resources and support for all survivors of sexual assault or sexual violence” -Circle of Arms-

To hear what they went through and endured, I was moved to tears as some survivors shared their stories. The courage and strength to stand up and speak the truth to help others was so powerful and inspiring.

There was various support groups on hand sharing informative knowledge & literature, helping bring a directory of information to all. In addition to groups and organizations showing their support to help bring awareness.

The event also featured special musical performances by up & coming artist Hailyn Bella along with DJ Kane of the Kumbia Kings.

Thank you to all the Volunteers, Vendors & Sponsors for being part of this event and helping support the cause.

Here is a special message from event organizer Larissa Cirilo Martinez ( of Arms

To know more information and or to get involved. You can visit the official website via link below

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